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Gilbert Gates

Gilbert home and business owners know the value of a high-quality wrought iron gate. Along with the the beautiful and elegant appearance that they give, they add additional security as well. Residents of Gilbert have relied on the professional wrought iron gate design and installation services provided by Sun King Fencing and Gates sine 2002!

Sun King Fencing and Gates custom designs each wrought iron gate to meet your specific needs. Here are some of the different gates that we can create for your Gilbert home or business.

Gilbert Iron and Composite Gates and Iron and Wood Gates

 One of the beautiful products that we offer at Sun King Fencing and Gates is the wrought iron and wood gate. We use either natural wood that is stained and sealed to match the look of your Gilbert property or composite material that has the look and feel of wood yet requires little maintenance while offering exceptional durability. The combination of wood and wrought iron adds security, privacy and will enhance the look of your Gilbert property.

Wrought iron and wood gates can be used in a lot of different applications. One of the most common uses by Gilbert residents is to store recreational vehicles and boats. Wrought iron and wood gates can also be used in places that you want to obscure from view of the general public such as backyards, gardens and entrances into courtyards or common areas. All of our wrought iron and wood gates are custom built using only the highest quality products to give you a beautiful, long-lasting gate.

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Gilbert Decorative Wrought Iron Gates

 Installing a decorative wrought iron gate in your Gilbert home or business is an excellent way to add an elegant look, as well as provide additional security to your property. Wrought iron gates fabricated by Sun King Fencing and Gates are extremely durable as we use only high-quality steel in our construction. We also have a wide variety of accent pieces that will make your Gilbert decorative wrought iron gate unique to your needs. All of our wrought iron gates are customized to the specific application that you have.

Decorative wrought iron gates make a perfect addition as a driveway gate that is inviting yet adds security to your Gilbert property. Decorative wrought iron gates can be easily incorporated in areas where you need to limit traffic, while doing it in an elegant way.

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Gilbert Driveway Gates

 The addition of a wrought iron driveway gate to your Gilbert home or business is a great way to add a dramatic look to the entrance of your property and to keep unwanted traffic out. When we fabricate your new wrought iron driveway gate, we use only the best steel and hardware put together by our professional welders. Each driveway gate that we build is custom designed to meet your specific needs and to properly fit across the driveway opening.

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All of the wrought iron gates that we fabricate at Sun King Fencing and Gates are done at our plant in Gilbert. We have a staff of welders that are skilled at taking your design and bringing it to life. They use only high-quality steel that is securely welded to give you a wrought iron gate that will last for many years. We also treat each gate with an epoxy-based primer with our electrostatic paint guns and a polyurethane paint in the color of your choice to give your new gate a hard shell that resists the elements.

After we have visited your Gilbert home or business, our gate specialists will provide you with an estimate on a timely basis. Each estimate is easily adjusted or modified to suit your exact gate needs and budget.

Sun King Fencing and Gates is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and we are the exclusive Certified Partner of the “Rosie on the House” radio show and referral network. Plus, Sun King Fencing and Gates is also licensed, bonded, and a registered contractor with the State of Arizona, assuring you of professionalism and protection.

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Sun King Fencing and Gates would be more than glad to help you design and fabricate a gate for your Gilbert home or business. We will tailor your design to your exact needs and professionally install your new Gilbert gate. To find out how we can help you, give us a call at 602-989-0839. You can also reach us with any Gilbert gate questions through our Contact Us form provided below.

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